May 14 2015


Bearded Kitten Comperes get contestants hyped for Tough Mudder, the worlds most gruelling and sadistic obstacle course!

Bearded Kitten Comperes at Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder, the military-style obstacle course is back in the UK for a summer of sweat, blood and muddy tears, and The Bearded Kitten interactive performance crew are at every UK Tough Mudder event to make sure all the competitors are ready to smash the course to bits! We’ve leant the Tough Mudder team our top Bearded Kitten comperes who’ll be ready and waiting at the start line and raring to celebrate with all the new Mudders at the Apres mud.


What Is Tough Mudder?

With tear Gas, Ice baths and the ‘Arctic Enema’ Tough Mudder is more than just an obstacle course.

Each Tough Mudder course varies, but you can expect to see 12 miles of hardcore, military style obstacle course. And it’s the Tough Mudder “signature” obstacles, that appear at almost every event, that makes these endurance challenges world famous:

Electroshock Therapy – Hundreds of electrified metal strands hang overhead. Electric shocks and head to toe mud is inevitable. At least this boost of excess energy will push you on through the next terrifying course.

Funky Monkey – Sounds cute? Nope. These Monkey bars are caked in butter and yes, you’ve guessed it, mud. Oh, and if you fall off…you’re in a pool of freezing cold water.

Arctic Enema – An ice water dumpster which contestants must plunge into, duck under a plank and then pull themselves up and out the other side.

Everest – A quarter pipe covered in grease and grime – The only way out is up, but fellow comrades will be waiting to grab your slippery arm and haul you out.


Each and every obstacle is an unadulterated savage mud pit, designed to stretch endurance to the limit. Each Mudder course has been crafted to award camaraderie, teamwork, enthusiasm and pure mental grit, over speed. And this is what people love. If you’re still unsure, it’s all covered in the Mudder Pledge:


Where do the Bearded Kitten comperes fit into all this madness?

You’ll hear them before you see them…Chanting the Mudder pledge at the start line, leading the crowds into a roaring frenzy, shouting words of support and encouragements at all the mudder challengers as they tackle the gauntlet.

You might even catch a glimpse of these wild partygoers at the infamous Apres Mud shindig which is a perfect festival feel party fuelled with revellers who want to drink away their aches and pains.


You can see The Bearded Kitten Comperes urging on participants at every UK Tough Mudder event this summer:

Midlands on – 30 & 31 May

Scotland on – 20 & 21 June

Dublin  on – 11 & 12 July

Yorkshire on – 1 & 2 August

South West on – 22 & 23 August

North West – 12 & 13 September

London South – 26 & 27 September

Fancy your own encouragement? You can hire the Bearded Kitten compares for your event, just give us a shout and we’ll do the rest.

To find out more about Tough Mudder in the UK check out the Tough Mudder UK website.

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