Mar 26 2015


Walkabout entertainers at your summer festivals

Every summer, fields all over the great British countryside are descended upon by thrill seekers. Wild revellers from far and wide gather to frantically party the days and nights away in a whirlwind of music, colours, and debauchery.

Bearded Kitten Festival Fun

With more festivals than any other nation, the UK has a huge variety of sounds and styles for every passionate and dedicated music connoisseur pick from. But there seems to be something more than the music which urges people to shell out their hard earned cash and cough up for a ticket.

Our festivals are renowned for their diverse creativity and it appears that now, more than ever, festival goers attend to escape the mundane for 72 hours.  People launch themselves head first into a surreal melting pot of the weird, the wild and the wonderful. This need for office workers, young mums, bankers, ageing hippies and uni kids alike, to immerse themselves in a mystical world far from the grasps of reality, is now a socially accepted form of escapism. And the world and his wife are jumping on the festival bandwagon. The more commercially accessible and ultimately mainstream festivals become, the less people seem to care about the music.

So it’s not all about the music

Although festival headline acts still dominate the tabloid headlines (like the full 130K deep petition to rid Glasto of Kanye), they’re no longer the make or break of a festivals success.

Bearded Kitten festival fun

No matter what the music, you can now find numerous ways to entertain yourself at a festival. Sit down for ‘afternoon tease’ at Bestival; a burlesque show full of wonderfully voluptuous ladies who tantalise and titillate whilst you get to drink tea out of an actual china tea cup (a huge luxury for any festival goer that’s not in glamping!). Go to the Groovy picture house at Glastonbury and get well and truly cultured viewing a top notch independent short film. You can even watch or (if you’re brave enough), participate, in some mud wrestling, giant bungee battles and endless displays of public humiliation at The Bearded Kitten Collosillyum at Secret Garden Party.

The Bearded Kitten Collosillyum

 In field, festival entertainment

Bearded Kitten walkabout entertainers

Simply walking around a festival can be an entertainment in its own right. Many festivals have started to take the lead from the smaller boutique festies and now employ hundreds of highly skilled walkabout entertainers to stroll the grounds, making sure the thrill seeking crowds get their fix of crazy interactive entertainment. These walkabout entertainers acts can be close-up magicians, comedy actors, stilt walkers dodging a big slip in the mud, juggling circus performers and squeaky balloon makers.

Bearded Kitten bring festival fun to your events

What we aim to do, at the Bearded Kitten Agency, is bring these walkabout entertainers and their festival delights to you. Weather you want Meet and Greet stilt walkers at your corporate event, charismatic comperes to host with flare or close up magician for your private dinner party, we’ve got you covered. 

Bearded Kitten walkabout entertainers

Take a look at The Bearded Kitten walkabout entertainers and our full range of acts:


Find out more about our Creative events, like the Collosillyum here.

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