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Show Girls

Tillie’s Showgirls pride themselves on providing unique choreography, authentic performance and beautiful dancers. Specialising in vintage cabaret and commercial entertainment; expect humour, flair and finesse!

Their talented choreographers and planners can create routines, shows and performances to suit any occasion. With an array of artists; that can be combined to meet even the most lavish and complex requirements, these girls also supply Parisian and Vegas show girls, fire performers and glamorous costumes.

Expect a world-class Can-Can troupe; featuring high kicks and comical, provocative body movements inspired by the fashions of the 1890’s.



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  • Category Cabaret shows, Dancers, Sexy, Valentines, Vintage, Wild West
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Appearance and Measurments

Appearance and Measurments
  • SexFemale
  • Waist Size20
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  • Genre / StyleIf you chose Musician, Band, DJ or Dancer