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Mar 27 2015


How circus trapezed into the mainstream

Roll up, roll up! The circus is in town…on your TV, on your street  and at your work parties. Circus acts are now pretty much everywhere. In fact, to go to an event and not have acrobats swinging from arial silks overhead is a rarity.

But when did the acrobats, jugglers and ventriloquists from the circus break away from the annual event in the local village field and make it into our everyday lives?

Circus performers big top

The evolution of circus performers

Circus is an ever evolving art form. At it’s dawn, it predominantly consisted of equestrian acts and freak shows but as peoples sensibilities developed so did the circus. Now, there are no lions to be tamed and no circus ring to master. In fact, the circus has developed so much from it’s origins that shows like Cirque de Soliel are more theatrical masterpieces than they are circus performances. And with over 100 millions people having seen one of Cirque’s shows, it’s easy to understand why this new contemporary circus style is having an impact on our expectations as audiences.

Cirque de Soliel circus performers

“We didn’t reinvent the circus. We repackaged it in a much more modern way.”

Guy Laliberte – Cofounder and CEO of Cirque de Soliel

All of these influences mean that circus performers are having to adapt and change to keep their audiences captivated. Unicyclists are finding bigger unicycles…slackliners are backflipping, whilst blindfolded over some deadly canyon and hula hoopers are setting their spinning rings on fire.

Gina - A Bearded kitten circus performer

With this pressure to push the boundaries of modern circus performances there are huge risks and the chances of injury are high. But not all acts are dominated by a need to go bigger and better. There’s a huge chunk of circus acts who are going full circle and taking their performances back to basics and breaking out into a new genre – vintage circus acts.

Vintage circus performers

We just can’t get enough of that retro weird, and now there are vintage circus acts that are delivering exceptional entertainment in a rustic quirky kind of way. Think ever so cute, doll like mime acts, full bushy moustached strong men in striped leotards and diamonte covered contortionists and you’re pretty much up to speed with the modern vintage circus acts.

Dott - One of Bearded Kitten's circus performers

Despite all of the influences both old and new, the circus industry continues to be dominated by silk artists, stilt walkers, magicians and macro balancers. These acts come with minimal equipment and an affordable price tag, making them appealing and well suited for most corporate and private events.

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